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Drinking shirts

It's happy hour, but what are you wearing to the local bar? Our drinking shirts should feature in frequent rotation in your pub-crawling wardrobe, at raves, and any time you are out for a good time with your pals. See who can wear the funniest shirt, and see how much more hilarious they get after a few beers.
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Drinking Shirts

Christmas comes but once a year, but it's always the season for drinking beer. That's why we've got our drinking shirts on! Here at the Tipsy Elves man cave, we have our own micro-brewery. When we're not knitting ugly sweaters in the workshop, we're busy fermenting bearberry and arctic moss harvested from the tundra outside. It makes for a pretty bitter beer, but we like it that's why we make drinking shirts as well. There's just something about a strong lager that fills the world with an amber glow. We even find that it makes brainstorming easier as we come up with new ideas for bachelor party shirts. Here's a peek at our latest crop of designs.

"Give me your tired, your huddled masses longing to breathe free (just don't ask them to take a breathalyzer)." On this inspiring drinking t-shirt, we find the goddess of freedom reaching to the sky with a Bud Lite rather than a lit torch in her fist. She's celebrating the fact that it's five-o-clock somewhere. We do have one question, though. Does the Lady get carded? She doesn't look a day over one hundred and forty. We recommend these Hawaiian shirts for Memorial Day weekend.

Did you know that George Washington was a well-known lover of a good bottle of Porter? It's true. He was also not opposed to lubricating the wheels of democracy with some hooch--it's one reason he was so popular among his peers and constituents. This founding father even ran his own brewery at one point, making a delicious brew from hops and molasses. Our graphic T shows the former U.S. president the morning after a political party. It's not just his false teeth that are aching! This is one of our best party shirts since you can use it for July 4th, George Washington's birthday, and pretty much any bank holiday.

The bird on this drinking t-shirt requested a bottle of Miller to go with his last meal. He's definitely a little unsteady on his claws now, and we don't blame him. Turkey day usually involves a family get-together of some kind--and that's a situation that goes down much more smoothly with plenty of alcohol -- for festive motivation check out our Christmas flasks. This is the ideal "sitting on the couch watching football" drinking shirt. The brown design doesn't show stains much, so you can enjoy a hearty feast without worry.

St. Patrick's Day shirts is yet another grand occasion for imbibing your favorite beverage--along with a few drops of verdant food coloring. You can choose green on white or white on green for this tee depending on just how much like a Leprechaun you want to look. Either way, no one will get to pinch you for forgetting to wear your St. Patricks' Day color. This is the drinking shirt to wear if you want to prove your prowess in a game of quarters. You'll be sure to intimidate the competition when they realize that you really are full-blooded Irish. If you're more of a romantic type, we also have a unique line of Valentine's Day Shirts that will suit you.

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