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Does everyone assume you have no sense of humor just because you don’t giggle at their stupid jokes? Or, do folks think of you as the class clown who can never be serious about anything? Maybe they even wish you would stop making them laugh so hard they need to change their shorts? Whatever your whimsical situation, we’re here to help you take your humor rep to the next level like, literally, with these funny graphic tees.

First off, you have to know how to dress the part when you want people to notice your tee. For gals, that may mean toning down the rest of your outfit to make the top really pop. For example, our “That’s just how I roll” Hanukkah tee is designed for super-casual and laid-back appeal. Denim capris and a pair of flats is all it takes to give off that Kosher vibe. But you don’t always have to dress down to make a T shirt statement. In fact, sometimes it’s the rest of the outfit that really amps up the hilarity. For example, our “Feline Festive” tee absolutely should be paired with some of our feline-themed leggings if you want to go full cat lady for the holidays. Just don’t be surprised when all you get are catnip filled stuffed animals and a scratching post for Christmas.

What about apparel options for guys who want to accentuate their cool shirts? The “Dad Bod” Santa Claus top is totally a match for our holiday swants (sweater pants). Because nothing says, “Bring on the milk and cookies” like a cozy, stretchy pair of sweater pants. Of course, you can also go with our red or green chino pants and a holiday blazer over one of our cheap graphic tees to make it more upscale. But to be honest, any of our Xmas tees can go fine with jeans and sneaks if you can’t be bothered with accessories.

For Fourth of July, we definitely think you should turn red, white, and blue all over. Our Americana gear helps you do just that. With our Epic Eagle tee, you can’t pass up the patriotic wristbands and headband. Because you will be sweating solid gold bullets from looking so hot. And if it’s one of our Team USA tanks you crave, then that outfit isn’t complete unless you add one of our USA fanny packs. Get the one with the six pack of koozies attached to grant yourself sweet freedom from being thirsty.

And for more neglected holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, guys will want to wear a funny St. Patricks Day shirt with a pair of green plaid boxers. Shoes are optional. For the ladies, you can bless your gams with the luck of the Irish in some shamrock style to go with your Lepricorn tee shirt. It’s almost too much magic all in one place, but we think you can handle it!

No matter which of our funny T shirts you choose this time, keep an eye out for the ideal tee to buy for a special someone in your life. It’s good Tipsy Elves karma to give the gift of laughter!