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Novelty Sweaters

Want to have more than the usual amount of fun with your holiday apparel? We've got novelty sweaters with built in games, hilarious designs that can almost guarantee someone will buy you a shot, and a few that might even get you kicked out of a boring Christmas party. We can't wait to find out what mischief you get up to in these holiday sweaters.
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Men's Centaur Claus Sweater Quick View
Men's Centaur Claus Sweater
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Women's Black Snowflake Vest Quick View
Women's Black Snowflake Vest
$58.95 $18.00
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Novelty Christmas Sweaters

Are you tired of boring winter sweaters in festive solids like bright red and deep green? Are you tired of old reindeer designs too tedious to bear? Do simple snowflake patterns bore you into a state of catatonia? It sounds like you need to clean out your closet and stock it with some novelty Christmas sweaters. We guarantee that there's not a dull design in our collection. Here are just a few of the intriguing choices we offer.

We all know that Barney the purple dinosaur is a poser. It's the cool green Tyrannosaurus rex who really makes the earth shake. But he's a big softy at heart. You can see how psyched he is about getting the "My Pretty Teddy" that he has been asking for all year. When he sat on Santa's lap, Santa listened. The T-Rex Christmas sweater is a gorgeous royal blue that stands out in the sea of red and green novelty sweaters. It will make you the king of any party.

The Gingerbread Nightmare cute ugly sweaters reminds us all of the danger of eating too many simple carbohydrates. You find out later that the lingering sense of guilt isn't about how many calories you consumed. It's about the fact that you've been murdering and devouring sentient beings without even realizing what you were doing. The horror filled faces of these tiny pastry people will haunt your dreams forever. Don't be too hard on yourself. We know you were just taking a cue from the big guy, Santa. But do you really want to end up like him?

Do you hate showing up in the same outfit as another person at an event? Are you looking for novelty Christmas sweaters that you KNOW no one else at the ugly Christmas sweater party will be wearing? Our Hanukkah sweaters fit the bill. They features two grinning dreidels that you can refer to simply as "the Maccabee brothers". These grey ski sweaters for sale with its blue and white ribbing will see you through the season--all eight days!

Are you looking for novelty Christmas sweaters for the pet owners in your life? You know that the knitted fabric will soon be coated in pet hair anyway, so why not save some trouble and buy one with fuzz built in? The Christmas Cat sweater comes pre-decorated with wads of fluffy fur. It also features a gray tom on the prowl. This cool kitty has put on his holiday best, complete with a bowtie and a bouquet of holly for his lady love. The midnight black background of this sweater really makes the little red bows pop! Don't be afraid to accessorize this sweater with a pair of Christmas leggings.

The whole collection for men and women is chock full of startling and silly options. We've got something for everyone--from Santa writing his name in the snow to reindeer making babies, a black Santa, and a trio of angry nutcrackers on patrol. If you don't see a novelty Christmas sweater that catches your fancy, we Tipsy Elves will eat our pointy little hats.