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Rave Outfits

Choosing rave outfits is a bit like choosing the color of your first car. From one perspective, it's not that important--it's just paint. But from another perspective it's an expression of who you are, your hopes and dreams, and your personality. Fortunately, rave gear is a lot less expensive than a pre-owned vehicle and you won't have to get anybody to co-sign with you when you check out. Whether you are shopping for festival clothes for men or women, you'll find the selection and the price are both exactly right. Here's a look at a few different ways you can go when assembling awesome rave outfits.

Should your rave apparel be as bright as the neon lights of Broadway? We've got plenty of hot, hot colors to make your rave wear a feast for the eyes. Any of the items in our 80s line will fit the bill. In fact, the neon leggings in splatters or zebra stripes make great festival clothing for women. The faux leather leggings are another obvious choice for those lovely gams--especially if you've got a fishnet or fringed top to go with it. Our neon t-shirts are great rave gear for the guys as well. And don't forget that there's a fanny pack to go with pretty much any look you want to put together.

Our Americana line of rave apparel is another phenomenal choice for festival or concert outfits. You can get fashionable with our tanks, tees, and shorts, or just plain goofy with a short sleeved American flag jumpsuit. Mix and match red, white, and blue with your ripped jeans, khaki cargoes, or frayed shorts to take a super casual approach to the rave scene. Or, pile on the style with leather and lace for rave wear that can easily double as classy festival outfits.

Sequins, psychedelic colors, and shiny rave apparel are always in style, so make sure you check our full line including our accessories for the perfect EDM and rave gear for your next big event. And don't forget that white is always in style for rave outfits under those black lights. Put together your outfit to be as eye-popping as possible, or go with street clothes and a hoodie that you can dress up with glowing bracelets and headgear when the party starts.

Take a little time to browse all our rave tops until you find the one that makes you want to really move to the beat. The cool thing about a rave is that you don't really have to know that many dance steps--you can just groove along with the tunes and let your fashion and style stand out in the crowd of rave outfits. It's just like that first car. Yours may not be the fastest on the road, but you are chilling to the coolest beats on your stereo. Please keep both hands on the wheel as you navigate your mouse to the checkout button and remember to shop responsibly for your stupendous new look.

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