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Rave Tops

Are you ready to dance all night? Are your clothes going to stand up to all that heat and friction? Our rave tops totally will. Whether you enjoy retro fashion, neon colors, or just funky designs, we've got EDM tank tops that energize your whole night with epic style. Take a look at these rave tanks and figure out how they will play into your complete look for the evening. And don't forget to check out our entire line of concert and festival apparel for a closet that feels like a party all the time.

Which rave tops will be at the top of your list for springtime? The "I'm a Unicorn" tank with its pastel colors is always a good choice. Especially since you can get it with matching leggings that are just as dance-worthy. If you want the same theme in the summer, our patriotic top featuring a stars & stripes unicorn is one of our funniest rave tank tops for Fourth of July and beyond. If fall is approaching, our forest green with emblazoned gold unicorn is your top pick. It's also one of our best festival tops for outdoor settings, helping you blend in with nature while standing out as a fashionista.

Guys and gals will both crave our rave tops that feature the iconic D.A.R.E. logo. These dance party and concert clothes have a powerful retro vibe and a potent message to go with it. Bring back the days when the strongest stuff on the menu was a soft drink with way too much caffeine! That's enough to keep you up dancing all night in our EDM tank tops. Grab some glow bracelets and neon glasses to complete your outfit, and get ready to make a fashion statement with a purpose.

If you like rave tanks and tees with a dancing theme, give our "Dance Machine" and "Let's Get Physical" designs a try. They go great with leggings or acid wash jean shorts, so get as funky as you want in these rave tops. We know there's a limit to the amount of hair spray you can physically use to volumize your 'do, but we don't have exact data. If you figure that one out, let us know! And be sure to grab some of our other eighties inspired gear to create completely authentic rave outfits.

Whether you wear these rave outfits to a killer party, the gym, or for watching videos on the couch, we know you'll keep coming back for more. That's because once you get hooked on rave tops that make your whole life a little brighter, it's hard to go back to boring clothes. Wear these rave tank tops to your hearts content and mix them up with our other festival shirts, leggings, Americana gear, and cute shorts. There's no rule saying you have to have just one awesome outfit. That atmosphere should permeate your entire wardrobe. You heard it here first, the fashion party is just getting started, and you're invited!

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