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Ugly christmas sweaters for dogs

An Ugly Christmas sweater for dogs takes your cutest furry friend and makes them ugly-cute, which we all know is the highest form of cute. Our Christmas sweaters for dogs come in various sizes with a high-quality, comfortable fit no matter the size of your fur baby. Ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs add to their already natural softness in our soft, lightweight material coming in both short and long sleeved styles. Match your bestie all season long with our ugly sweaters for dogs!
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Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Dogs

Our ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs continue to be popular items for festive four-legged fashionistas. Woofs of joy resound in the rafters when doggies tear the wrapping paper off their presents on Christmas morning and find our apparel inside. Just be sure to snatch the soft acrylic fabric away from those gnawing fangs before it gets snagged! Then, help your pooch wriggle into the comfort of an authentic Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs.

When should your furry friend wear one of these nifty, tubular tops? The rule of thumb is: If you need to grab a sweater before heading out, your dog can use an ugly Christmas sweater for dogs as well. Remember, an indoor pet is used to thriving at the same temperatures you do. That's why they shed all over the place--to make sure they don't get too hot. So, their own fur coat may not be thick enough to help them stay cozy and warm when they venture out into the chilly wilds.

Our ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs are well-constructed of quality materials that are designed to add a little extra warmth outside on cold days. At the same time, they are lightweight enough for indoor wear if you want to take your dog to an ugly Christmas sweater party. We also encourage you to dress up your doggie for funny holiday photos and other special occasions. Dog selfies are about to be the new big thing on social media. Your lucky lapdog won't be able to resist posting photos of how great she looks in our Christmas gear. Use caution when you visit the dog park--these awesomely ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs are sure to make all the other fashion hounds jealous.

Choosing the right dog Christmas sweater is actually pretty simple. Unlike human clothing sizes that are terribly confusing, with dog apparel you can choose the right item by checking weight and length. Our Tipsy Elves sizes go from 2 to 30 pounds and are ideal for toy to mid-sized lapdogs. The length is measured from the start of the neck seam to the bottom opening of the sweater with sizes from 9-21 inches. The cut of the sweater works best on dogs that hold their tail down or out rather than straight up, but there's some wiggle room. When in doubt, choose a size up rather than trying to squeeze your dog into a small sweater. You know they are going to get fatter over the holidays--a lot like people.

Our styles range from our classic elf costumes to garish red, white, and green stripes and even Christmas gifts. We're replicating a bunch of our human sweater designs on doggie scale including Jesus the Birthday Boy and our Hanukkah themed blue and gold dreidel design. Check back often to see more ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs, because we're always coming up with new ways to wrap your pet in the joy of the holiday season.

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