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Cool sunglasses

Plain black shades may be ominous, but they aren't groovy. When you want cool sunglasses, you have to be willing to play with some color! Our retro, neon, and patriotic eyewear is easy on your eyes by blocking UV radiation, but they make it hard for those around you to look away. That's some retina-entrancing flare right there!
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Cool Sunglasses

Want some really cool sunglasses to add pizzazz to your spring or summer wardrobe? It's time to stop thinking in terms of black and white. That's such a polarized perspective! Instead, you need to start daydreaming in vivid neon. With our blue, green, and pink sunglasses, you can pull down the shades on boring fashion and spark a new trend that brings the crazy eighties back to life. You will be a stunner for certain in these eye-catching and unique retro sunglasses.

Our cool sunglasses feature a truly spectacular level of ultra-violet radiation protection. At UV400, they block all those harsh UVA and UVB rays that can scorch your eyeballs. Since no one wants to get a tan on their sclera, that's a good thing. At the same time, you will be able to see your way around town in the bright sunshine. Soon, you will make these your go-to shades to make any outfit shine. Wear them to the beach, a picnic, out shopping on the strip, or just hanging by the pool. Keep an extra pair in your neon eighties-inspired fanny pack just in case you leave your primary pair on a park bench somewhere (perish the thought!)

What else can you wear to increase the ocular joy of your eighties look? We recommend some of our rocking men's 80s fashion. They come in an array of neon colors so you can be the center of attention wherever you go. Finally, you can become the beacon of hope for everyone in your community, letting them know that the eighties live on in the hearts and minds of young and funky folk everywhere. Tease up your hair and spray it to concrete-like consistency. Because these cool sunglasses really, truly rock, and that's why they should be a consideration for you bachelor part ideas!

Maybe you crave the look of chunky plastic glasses without the actual need for UV-protection. We've got a pair that is perfect for your purposes. Our frames-only neon glasses give you plenty of cred in the club scene without interfering with your ability to scope out the hot guys or gals on the dance floor. No worries about steaming up your lenses, dealing with scratches, or keeping these smudge-free. The lens-free design also makes these super lightweight, perfect for some head banging fun.

Why choose just one pair when you can have both? You can wear our cool 80s style sunglasses during the day and switch to the raver glasses at night to keep your retro look going 24/7. Make sure a pair of cool sunglasses is within easy reach at all times. You never know when they might get you out of a pickle. They really are magical. Of course, these glasses won't help you talk your way out of a speeding ticket or help you obtain a seat at a fancy restaurant. But the next time a salesperson knocks on your door they will be so entranced by your facial accessories that you will be able to talk them out of selling you anything. You might even convince them to come here and buy something for their own wardrobe. Now that's a handy superpower.

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