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Neon sunglasses

If you've ever wanted a pair of shades that could give the sun itself a run for its money, these neon sunglasses are up to the challenge! In fact, you may be tempted to wear them on cloudy days just to brighten things up a bit. These awesome shades pair well with our fanny packs and beverage holders to get you ready for true vacation relaxation.
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Neon Sunglasses

What's brighter than a million suns and twice as stellar? Our neon sunglasses. These accessories aren't just vivid, they are vivacious and definitely a statement maker. Don't miss the opportunity to dress your face to impress with these captivating shades. They may make the world look a bit darker in some ways, but they certainly make your eye sockets appear much brighter.

Did you know? UV400 protection blocks 100% of ultra-violet radiation. That means your precious corneas are given full shielding from both UVA and UVB rays. However, we can promise that you will radiate a coolness of your very own when you slip these hip and cool sunglasses onto the bridge of your nose. Be sure to look coyly over the top of the frames of your neon sunglasses when you need to make eye contact with someone you like. Everyone else will be left wondering if you are just too wrapped up in your own genius to notice them. They are probably right.

We are digging the eighties in a big way with more than eyewear. There are lots of ways you can beat the heat this season with our retro apparel and retro sunglasses. Pair our neon sunglasses with other vintage-style 80s clothing from headbands to wristbands (because no one should ever see you sweat). For the ladies, we have crop top shirts that show off a tanned midriff as well as the lovely curve of a shoulder. Matched with 80's themed neon clothes or hot pink leggings, this is a look that is sure to inspire in venues as diverse as the gym and the sports stadium.

For the guys, we've got plenty of neon hued t-shirts and comfortable shorts to mix and match. If you are feeling particularly bold, you can even pick up his and hers prancing unicorn t-shirts. For a more manly look, try the glow in the dark wolf tee. It's bound to put some bite into your look at a late night party.

Speaking of night time wear, we have something for you to enjoy when there's not enough illumination to make our neon sunglasses appropriate. Frame your peepers any time of year--even when the sun don't shine-- with our neon glasses designed to make a statement without changing your vision in the slightest. Your outlook on life doesn't depend on lenses. It's all about the frames with these lens-free raver spectacles. You will be the spectacle yourself at the next party when you show up with these plastered on your face.

So if you like the idea of going way back to the eighties with your fashion statements in the summer, our neon sunglasses certainly fit the bill. The disco dances of yesteryear may bear little similarity to the raves of today, but they certainly bring out the wild side everyone who wears them. You and all your best friends should definitely share this look, so pick up several pairs of 80s glasses to share. They also make great door prizes and giveaways if you are hosting a retro-themed event.

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