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Men's bathing suits

Want something retro and eye-popping to wear at the pool? How about something shark-tastic for the beach? This year, you need to treat yourself to one of our men's bathing suits. These badass beach shorts will take your fashion quotient from shallow to deep dive, faster than you can swallow a goldfish!
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Men's Bathing Suits

Have you picked out a couple of awesome men's bathing suits yet? By now, you've probably got the rest of your Tipsy Elves gear lined up for the summer. From patriotic t-shirts to the American flag koozie and fanny pack, you are ready to hit the ground running. But you aren't ready to hit the water like a cannonball until you have a new pair of swim trunks. It's time to correct that deficiency with a pair of cool and hilarious shorts from our latest collection.

What can you wear with our colored short swim trunks? Well, you should probably start with some sunscreen and maybe some bug spray. But after that, all bets are off. Let's take a look at some ways to style a few of our men's bathing suits.

First up, there's our pink macaw swimwear. These Tipsy Elves men's swim shorts are begging to be paired with cool graphic tees featuring some sort of witty saying. That way, you can walk around quoting your own shirt in an annoying parrot voice. Or, you can just say, "Polly wants a beer" over and over until someone finally buys you one to make you shut up.

Next, there's the shark bathing suit. The only thing more deadly than a great white shark is a tiny pink shark. And these trunks are completely covered in the little suckers. You will move smoothly through the crowd in these suave swim shorts. Pair them with a blue visor to shade your eyes and make you look even more mysterious.

Of course, not everyone is into noisy prints. If you like a tropically sophisticated appearance, don't miss our orange and aqua color block colored swim shorts. These are begging to be worn with a white linen shirt (the wrinkles are deliberate so don't bother ironing the fabric). A casual pair of leather sandals would give the entire outfit a continental feel. You can probably skip the polka-dotted neckerchief, though. That's a bit much even for a fashion icon like yourself.

When you feel like retrograding back to the eighties, you'll dig our lightning bolt men's bathing suit. This is the pair to wear with neon everything. Put on a bright terrycloth headband and wristbands to sweat it out in style. Or, just grab a vintage graphic tee celebrating your favorite hair band of the era. You don't even have to pretend to be making an ironic statement. There's nothing wrong with grooving to the oldies.

If you are looking to buy men's swimsuit that will finally do justice to your quirky sense of humor, you have come to the right place. The Tipsy Elves really get what it's like to live in your mind. That's why we are in therapy. But when we aren't on the psychoanalyst's couch, we are coming up with awesome designs like these so you can give the world a peek into the fashion sense of your soul. Pick the pair that shouts to you the loudest. It's the one that was meant for you.

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