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Men's swim shorts

Have you just started wading into the waters of super-fantastic swimwear fashion? Then get prepared to go all the way to the deep end with these men's swim shorts. We've got designs that will have you doing a reverse gainer, with a full somersault (metaphorically speaking) in no time. No more fashion floaties for you. It's time to get your grown-up swim trunks on.
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Men's Swim Shorts | Men's Swimming Shorts

It's time to put on your big boy pants--or at least your men's swim shorts--because this summer is going to call for exceptional courage in the face of style adversity. With our aggressively eyeball grabbing men's swimming shorts, you can lead the charge to the water. All eyes will be on your thighs as you splash into the waves because our men's swimming shorts accentuate and glorify their wearer. Or, you can simply stand on the shore like a lighthouse, warning people not to crash into the rocky shores of your attitude. What's in store first for your summer wardrobe? Why not swim with the sharks on our tropical blue and pink tribute to everyone's favorite cartilaginous fish. There's an old saying that sharks have to keep swimming or they can't breathe. Well, we like to think that we have to keep coming up with new designs or we can't survive either. That's why you have the opportunity to scare all the folks at the beach in these ferocious men's swimsuits.

Speaking of things that swim and have sharp teeth, no swimwear collection would be complete without a tribute to the only thing more frightening than being consumed by a shark--being attacked by a school of killer piranha. You won't be able to venture into any water deeper than a bathtub without wondering if you feel a nibble on your toes. But that just adds to the thrill!

Sometimes, the lightning bolt of fashion inspiration does strike twice in the same place. In fact, it struck dozens of times on some of our favorite hip board shorts. These retro men's swim trunks take your favorite eighties colors and patterns and mix them all up into a perfect storm of vivid detail. Check out the left leg. Did we zig where we should have zagged?

Which is our most endearing men's comfy swimming trunks design? It's got to be the men's seahorses swim shorts. They are the best daddies on the planet, taking care of the little fry while mom gets some much needed rest. You can show everyone your own sensitive and caring side (along with your willingness to defy standard fashion rules) by mixing it up with these brighter than bright men's swimming shorts. This is the men's swim shorts to wear when you are scuba diving in the coral reefs. Maybe the real seahorses will think you are one of their own and sweep you away to magic anemone land where you can dive for pearls all day and drink Mai Tais all night. Stranger things have happened, yet perhaps not in men's swim shorts quite so magical.

Don't let this summer pass you by without picking up a pair of Tipsy Elves stylish men's board shorts. We know you'll like the fit and fabric of these men's swim shorts. And we know you'll love the crazy designs and bright colors. You were never meant to be a fashion hero. You were born to show the rest of the boring, bland beach crowd what a real style villain looks like! Accept no substitutes. Get what's coming to you this season when you hit that checkout button. Go ahead, buy our men's swimming shorts now.

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