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Snow Suits

A ski slope is never a good place to blend in with your surroundings. That's why we've developed ultimate anti-camouflage snow suits that are designed to provide stark contrast with the white backdrop of the powder. Yes, you'll have a hard time tearing your eyes off these neon, retro, and patriotic designs. But, watch out for that pine tree!
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Snow Suits

Are you bound to go where there's ice and snow? Don't be caught out in the cold--take a Tipsy Elves snow suit to warm your body and brighten the chill winter day. We've got snow suits to suit every taste, so we know you'll find one that's begging to be added to your shopping cart. Let's take a look and see what strikes your fancy!

The Tree Splitter is aptly named for its lumberjack inspired bold red and black plaid. Of course, if your aim on the slopes is truly terrible, you might earn that tree splitting nickname for a different reason. For another take on the woodsy fashion statement, you can zip into our camo snow suit. Of course, that means you have to watch out for deer crossing the slopes when you are out snowboarding. Your newfound stealth could end up earning you a fine for mowing down wild game out of season.

If you feel that a flashy patriotic piece is more your style, look no farther than the red, white, and blue extravaganza that is our Americana snow suit. It will have everyone seeing stars. Of course, there will always be a way to step up your game with our fashion, so you can upgrade to one of our Old Glory snow suits complete with an American flag cape, or a Women's ski sweater. No one will expect to see you swooping by like a superhero across the powder!

We make snow suits for just one season (winter), but we have all times of day covered with our mens ski wear. Choose the Sunrise Shredder if you like to be the first one making tracks in the morning. Or, pick the richly hued Dusk Run snow suit if you like to shut down the slopes at the end of the day. For midday cruising, you can't go wrong with our eye-piercing Snowblind suit.

Of course, no collection would be complete without a full complement of eighties gear. From the Carvaholic to the Electric Blaze, these snow suits will make you yearn for the good old days--even if they happened before you were a flutter in the stork's wing feathers. So, check out our retro Women's ski clothes and decide whetther you want to be a bad ass chick.

Once you have your suit picked out, there's still a lot of planning that goes into making a complete outfit. For starters, you'll want to slip into some ultra-warm LongJonnyz. We can heartily recommend the Mountain McFly to take you back to the eighties. You can also go for the gold with our Medalist number, complete with a medallion that sits close to your heart (so only you know what a winner you really are!) They might even be better than skiing in one of our Men's Tacky Christmas Sweaters.

Knit caps and neck warmers are additional items to top off your snow suit, kind of like what you do with our Men's College sweaters, but what about when it's time to relax back at the lodge? Our ski sweaters and jackets are awesome for outerwear, and you will get a hearty chuckle when you strip down to reveal one of our t-shirts. Let everyone know your life is going downhill, or proclaim that once you go black, you never go back (at least when it's a double diamond you're talking about).

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