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Reindeer sweaters

If there's an iconic piece of apparel all our Tipsy Elves fans love, it's the quirky Christmas sweater. Our reindeer sweaters are the leaders of the herd when it comes to making people point, laugh, and generally loosen up. Be the fashion trendsetter you were born to be, and celebrate the holidays in our caribou bedecked outerwear or any of our hilarious designs.
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Ugly Reindeer Sweaters

What would holiday time be without ugly reindeer sweaters? It would be NOTHING. That's why the reindeer motif is one of the most popular designs here at the Tipsy Elves workshop. We love our antlered friends, and we're glad they don't mind modeling for us. Here are a few of the winter Christmas sweaters we've been able to create with a little help from our four hooved friends as part of our ugly reindeer sweater offerings.

Are you and your hunting buddies getting together for a few cold beers around the Yule log fire? Now, you'll have the best hunting story of all time to share with the guys. Tell them all about how you filled the deer feeder with candy corn and waited for days in the finger-numbing cold for the perfect shot. Just as you were about to succumb to hypothermia, you saw a soft red glow in the distance. You nocked your rubber suction arrow into your crossbow, and "Smack"--you bagged the big one. Ugly reindeer sweaters like our Mange a trois are how you make history.

Do you love dancing the conga? So do the reindeer! But the slinky moves of backup dancers on a rap music video look like a sedate waltz compared to the caribou version of this popular party dance. You can just hear one of the guy reindeer on the Conga Line sweater making an excuse for his bawdy behavior. "Hey, I tried to put my hooves on your waist, but they slipped off! This is just how I landed." It was totally an accident, over and over and over again.

How would you like it if a crazy fat guy in a red, soot-caked suit rounded you up once a year and made you fly all over the world on Christmas Eve? What if he gave you really stupid names like "Donner" and "Cupid"? Would you wish he'd just fall out of his sleigh at 90 miles an hour some cold moonlit night? The reindeer on the Runaway Sleigh women's reindeer sweater have finally had enough of being bossed around by a guy who sits on his butt eating milk and cookies all day. They bolted and ran (or flew) without looking back. We'll see how long Old St. Nick can hold on!

Order these and more great ugly reindeer sweaters from our Tipsy Elves collection today! Maybe you can collect the entire herd and all of the sick sweaters from that ugly Christmas sweater movie too.

Beyond our four-hooved friends, we have a collection for our other favorite pals. Check out our meowy Christmas sweater and our dog ugly Christmas sweater right meow!

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